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At 欧文康考迪亚大学, our donors are investors, believers, and dreamers. Your gifts of time, talent, 和财富帮助我们推进大学的使命,明智地发展, honorable, 培养公民为社会和教会服务. 

Students of Concordia are benefactors of many years of prayerful financial support and thousands of donors each year. It's through our gifted faculty and your generous support that students receive the very best Lutheran Christian college education and go into the world serving God through their callings.

我们一起投资于我们的生活 students, empower our faculty, and impact our community ——既在本地,也在我们国界之外的世界. 这三件事是协和女神的命脉.

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CUI donors give from the heart and their support is transforming lives every day.

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Stories of Impact

你们的支持是学术事业的基础, the student experience, 以及我们为公众利益服务的承诺.

  • Herb and Kiu

    Giving in Harmony

    Herb and Kiu Geisler, 康科迪亚社区的长期常客, 选择将协和女神纳入他们的生前信托来纪念它, ensuring continued support for the university's mission and future endeavors.

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  • Dr. Kenney in a classroom


    Professor John Kenney, who had a strong hand in building the science programs at Concordia while mentoring countless students and fellow faculty members, is retiring after 22 years – and receiving an outpouring of appreciation.

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  • 7th Annual CU Give Back


    Concordia supporters Tim and Sue Guebert raised brilliant musicians — and laid a foundation of generous giving.

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  • 7th Annual CU Give Back


    保罗和凯茜·施罗德图书馆重新装修并更名 & Learning Commons promotes student learning through a new welcome center, writing center, unity center, 职业培训中心, 以及加强辅导服务和学术咨询. The modern, contemporary design will enrich the academic experience of students for years to come.

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  • 7th Annual CU Give Back



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  • In Good Hands

    In Good Hands

    Concordia supporters Kim and John Alsop have a long history with Concordia and the Lutheran church and — like generations of family before them — are passionate about Christian education.

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  • Jerry Ruud in Tie-Dye

    Heart of a Giver

    Jerry Ruud ‘93 followed God’s calling and found fellowship and support at Concordia. 自从毕业后,我一直在追求成功的销售事业, 杰里一直和康科迪亚保持着密切的联系, fellow alumni, and has created endowments in honor of people important to him from his time as an undergraduate.

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  • 拉维达领奖


    LaVeda Carter, who held many positions and was the quiet, driving engine behind events such as the Gala of Stars, served Christ College他在欧文的康考迪亚大学工作了40多年, as one of its first, 服务时间最长的员工.

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  • Doy Henley

    Still Making a difference

    Doy Henley, 他是奥兰治县的商人和慈善家, has become a generous donor to 欧文康考迪亚大学 in his tenth decade of life, knowing that, “你不能把它带走,” he says. “你必须尽你所能去投资.”

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  • The Howell Family


    当有机会给新建的房间命名时 Borland-Manske Center, retired Los Angeles City firefighter Mark Howell and his wife Lauri chose to honor numerous people who contributed to their faith and love of music.

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  • Miseker Abate

    The Support Of Family

    Siblings Avery, Cash, and Adyson Casteel chose to attend 欧文康考迪亚大学 together. Both Gary Casteel, 孩子们的爷爷爷爷, and Claudia Casteel, 孩子们的祖母和母亲, 对学生的选择感到兴奋吗. Gary and Claudia own and operate The Shops at Heavenly Village at the popular ski resort in Lake Tahoe, 离他们住了50年的地方很近. 除此之外,这个家庭多年来经常享受旅行. 他们一直活跃于路德教会, where the triplets have been in Lutheran education through preschool into college.

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  • Miseker Abate

    Treating Body & Soul

    Miseker Abate walks in a legacy of godliness and care for others that was embodied in her father’s life. For him, it meant becoming a theology professor in their home country of Ethiopia, 然后在康考迪亚欧文. 对米塞克来说,这条道路是在医学领域. She recently earned her medical degree from UC Irvine and a master’s degree in public health from Harvard University. 她现在前往康奈尔大学进行外科实习.

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  • Hank and Dixie Aschbrenner

    God Has a Bigger Shovel

    Hank and Dixie Aschbrenner lead by example when it comes to generosity. Since 1994, Hank has worked with Concordia Irvine to raise funds for numerous projects. But Hank doesn’t just raise funds — the Aschbrenners give around 30 percent of their annual income to Lutheran universities and churches, 并鼓励其他人也这样做.

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  • Ryan Ellis

    Next Gen Golf Apparel

    瑞恩·埃利斯2003年从康科迪亚欧文大学毕业的时候, he decided not to pursue a career in basketball as his father and sister had done, 转而进军服装行业. Today, Ellis是Travis Mathew的总裁, 最热门的男装品牌,适合工作和娱乐, 他的粉丝包括演员马克·沃尔伯格, 电视名人克里斯·哈里森和几十名职业高尔夫球员, surfers and pro athletes.

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  • Elayne Lohr

    Shared Blessings

    Elayne and Paul Lohr experienced great blessing from their family’s egg business, 在他们的帮助下,农场从一个小农场发展到60家,000-bird ranch. 这种祝福在他们自己的家庭中流传下来, and in thirty-five years of impact at CUI where their generosity has helped build the campus and support students through scholarships.

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  • Bill and Audrey Dahlgren

    Innovation and Generosity

    Bill and Audrey Dahlgren, long-time CUI supporters, built an industry-leading company and family through a combination of innovation, risk-taking and prayer.

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  • Chris and Katherine Pond


    Chris ’04 and Katherine Pond ’05 came to Concordia Irvine intending to pursue pastoral ministry and school teaching, respectively, 但两人最终都在商业领域表现出色. 虽然他们才35岁左右, they have become strong supporters of Concordia Irvine in a variety of ways.

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  • Virginia Slusser

    Making a Difference

    没有多少人能活过他们的人寿保险单. 100岁的捐赠者维吉尼亚·霍夫曼·斯卢瑟(Virginia Hoffman Slusser)做到了.

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  • 好牧人教堂的木制十字架


    Two grants totaling more than half a million dollars will allow CUI to streamline and broaden students’ preparation for church leadership, and promote a broader understanding of vocation by exploring connections between faith, work, and economics.

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  • Phyllis Talmage


    俯瞰体育馆的夹层是新设计的鹰巢(Eagles Nest), an attractive, 玻璃封闭的房间,CUI举办特别招待会, athletics team meetings, and seating during games. The room’s upgrade came thanks to Phyllis Talmage, a generous donor since 1973.

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  • Kelly and Cheryl Keithly


    In the 1970s, Kelly and Cheryl Keithly heard a pioneering educator named Charles Manske, 康科迪亚的创始主席, speak at their church about the vision for a Lutheran university in Southern California. 他的演讲鼓舞了这对年轻夫妇.

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  • 瑞恩和林赛的装裱乐谱


    Ryan ’97 and Lyndsay (Kahler ’96) Ermeling met in the choir 在欧文的康考迪亚大学. 毕业后两年, they started the Ein Feste Burg Choral Scholarship to support the choral department and students with financial need.

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