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Concordia University Irvine’s Nursing Program 是加州声誉最好的大学之一,现在为即将入学的一年级学生提供独特的入学途径. When completed successfully, the Freshman Advantage Nursing Pathway guarantees early acceptance to the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program.

You will earn two bachelor’s degrees in as little as five years on this pathway. Unlike other Bachelor of Nursing programs, our program structure emphasizes core scientific studies and principles, followed by a highly-focused and rigorous second degree in nursing (ABSN).

Concordia nurses enter healthcare with advanced knowledge and experience that sets them apart. By pursuing this path, 你将以坚实的科学基础和护理专业开始你的护理生涯,这将使你成为一名新兴的领导者和高技能的临床医生.

The Freshman Advantage Nursing Pathway is not a degree program; it’s designed to equip and assist undergraduate students of any major in earning early acceptance into the ABSN program. To enter the Freshman Advantage Nursing Pathway, 您将在康考迪亚大学入学的第一学期(秋季或春季)向您的学术顾问提交意向声明.

Nursing Pathway Guarantee Admission

Guaranteed ABSN Admission

Earn your spot without the added stress and uncertainty of applying to school again.

Nursing Pathway Healthcare Experience

Healthcare Experience

Enter the ABSN program with 100+ hours of healthcare experience.

Nursing Pathway Faculty Mentorship

Faculty Mentorship

Get insightful advice and guidance from our experienced faculty.

Freshman Advantage Nursing Pathway Requirements

Nursing is a challenging, rewarding calling, and completing this pathway requires determination and commitment. If you meet all academic and personal requirements through the entire progression of your undergraduate degree, you’ll earn a spot in one of the most highly regarded nursing programs in California.

任何偏离这些要求的行为都将导致从新生优势护理途径项目中移除. If you decide not to continue or no longer meet the requirements in the program, you can still continue your major and apply for the ABSN program, if desired, upon graduation.


  • Maintain a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.25 overall for all coursework. 你必须在大一期末和之后的每个学期期末达到这个标准.
  • You must complete all prerequisite classes for the ABSN program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • You must earn a “B-” or higher in each science prerequisite course. You must earn a “C” or higher in all other prerequisite courses.
  • You may repeat only two of the four science prerequisite courses once if necessary.
  • 完成ABSN项目的前提课程必须符合以下要求:
    • All science prerequisite classes must be completed at Concordia University Irvine.
    • 所有在入学时不转移的非科学先决条件课程必须在 Concordia University Irvine.
  • You must be continuously enrolled as a full-time student at Concordia University Irvine.
  • 在完成本科学习之前,您必须完成至少100小时的合格患者护理经验. Some examples are Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), COPE Health Scholar, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Medical Assistant (back office), Medical Missions, Home Health Aide, Physical Therapy (PT) Aide.
  • 在开始ABSN计划之前,您必须完成与护理招生委员会的三次面试. During these interviews, 您将被评估,并且必须达到ABSN面试标准的“平均/符合标准”基准.

For this program, “新生”被定义为在本科入学时完成不到30个学期的新生. These units may include: ANT 210, BIO 111, CHE 101, COM 211, COM 261, MTH 265, PSY 101, SOC 101, WRT 102.

A Community of Advising and Mentorship

康科迪亚护理教师是各自领域的专家,他们毕生致力于高级护理研究和领导. 他们的使命是坚持耶稣基督的大使命,通过护理研究和教育来分享福音和照顾所有神的子民.

As part of the Freshman Advantage Nursing Pathway, you’ll attend community meetings with other Pathway students, Academic Advisors, and with faculty and staff from the Nursing Program throughout your undergraduate journey. 这是一个独特的机会,可以从学术顾问那里获得一对一的指导,同时还可以接触到各种专业(儿科)经验丰富的护士, oncology, surgery, labor and delivery, hospice, emergency, and general practice).

Photo of Cheryl

Cheryl Smythe-Padgham, DNP, RN, WHNP-BC

Assistant Dean & Director of Nursing

Dr. Smythe-Padgham began her career as a labor and delivery nurse over 25 years ago. 她于1992年获得护理和妇女健康护士执业执照理学硕士学位,并在奥兰治县和洛杉矶县的私人和社区护理机构工作,主要在服务不足的社区实践,以满足妇女的需求, mothers and babies. In 2009, 她在学术界开始了她的职业生涯,作为康考迪亚护理学院的一员,现在自豪地担任康考迪亚护理系的副院长和护理主任.

Photo of Jennifer Dahl

Jennifer Dahl, EdD, RN, RNC-OB

Assistant Director & Assistant Professor of Nursing

Jennifer Dahl于2014年开始在康考迪亚大学欧文分校任教,目前担任护理助理主任. 她开始了她的护理生涯,肿瘤科护士,直到她过渡到孕产妇-新生儿人口,在那里她花了20多年的劳动和分娩护士. 达尔教授热爱护理专业,并努力教育学生成为富有同情心和全人服务的护士.

Healthcare Experience

Healthcare experience is vital for all students interested in a nursing career. As part of the Freshman Advantage Nursing Pathway, you will need to complete at least 100 hours of work in a healthcare setting.

Many of our nursing students have volunteered or worked as nursing assistants, COPE Health Scholars, EMTs, medical assistants, home health aides, and physical therapy aides. 我们也鼓励参加医疗宣教旅行,以维护耶稣基督的大使命,分享福音和照顾所有神的子民.

Healthcare Volunteer Resources

Orange County offers numerous opportunities to gain healthcare experience. These resources will help you find the right fit for your interests and level of experience. The Concordia Student Nursing Association will also provide a supportive community as you pursue this pathway.

Medical Missions
OC Health
Cope Health Scholars
Learning How to Care video

Learning How to Care

What Makes a Concordia Nurse?

Caring, compassion, competency–those are the essential qualities that define Concordia nurses. When a Concordia nurse enters a patient’s room, they bring a sense of peace, confidence, and hope. Our nurses understand the holistic nature of healthcare and minister to the mind, body, and spirit of their patients.

A Concordia nurse is trained in the latest healthcare research and technologies, clinical skills, and professional strategies. 在处理资源管理和开展研究方面,他们和在提供病人护理方面一样熟练和熟练.

When you become a Concordia nurse, you join a fellowship of healthcare professionals who fulfill their calling to serve with grace, intelligence, and tenacity.

Philosophy and Mission

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